Artists of Rehovot

Meet some of the artists and crafts-people of Rehovot

Yisrael Ziv


08 931-8926

Nili May-Tal

08 946-1566

Sylvia Flowers

08 946-3389

Ruti Halevy

08 949-3563

childrens clothes and accessories

Ron Goren

08 946-1595

Rachely Dor Rappaport

052 249-4998

Photography and drawing

Avraham Ashkenazi


Rachel Gordon


08 945-7837

Barak Nachsholi

08 945-7837

Shoshana Levit

08 931 61 51

Miriam Wasserstrom


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sculpture, painting

Mirta Edery


Marilyn Gershoni-Jung

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Miriam Meir

08 941-5575

Marc Shub

08 934-0795


Michal Zaretsky


052 591-4450

Aliya Kolber

08 947-1258


Vicki Weinstein

08 945-3767

stone sculpture

Gliliah Levy

08 946-0445


Valery Kurov

077 729-2852

Yoel Shmukler

052 684-0175

Cipi Toledano

08 947-0747

Gila Danoch

08 947-0747

Pnina Mizrachi

054 247-1722

Julian Stup

08 935-3293

etching, wood cutting

Jacob Keynan

08 949-5082


Chana Stern Yad Eitz

08 939-0842


Always Something Happening in Rehovot

Rehovot Sculpture Symposium
Rehovot Sculpture Symposium

There always seems to be something happening in Rehovot. If it is not tied to the holidays it is likely connected to culture or science. The city instituted an annual International Stone Sculpture Symposium, inviting artists from around the world to participate.

2007 participants:

Nathalie Alony
Igor Braun
Marco Galafassi
Giuliano Giussani
Hasan Khater
Shlomo Katz
Yuri Matskin
Shmukler Yoel
Menachem Sharabi
Nir Scharf

Gan Hamaginim

This park in the center of town connects the library, Beit Yad La'Banim and Merkaz. It is a large open space that also contains a park and tables for people to play chess or backgammon.Rehovot playing chess in the parkRehovot library

Beit Yad La'Banim

memorial for fallen soldiers in Rehovot Rehovot remembers the fallen soldiers that came from the city. Over the years over 400 chayalim have given their lives to defend the country. The city has built a moving memorial called Yad La'Banim in the center of the city. Inside the memorial a flame illuminates a wall listing the fallen soldiers. Outside a park with stones lines the path to a sculpture memorial.Park in Rehovot

Beit Yad La'Banim is part of the Merkaz HaTarbut and also houses an art gallery and theatre for plays and concerts. A website also displyas the name sof the fallen soldiers.

The Rehovot Municipal Art Gallery

Rehovot The Municipal Cultural Center, is named after Moshe Smilanski, one of the primary founders of Rehovot and a famous author. This center offers various courses in the arts, workshops, lectures, tours and much more. The center also has a gallery space for shows.

Opening hours
sun 9:00-13:00/15:00-20:00
mon 9:00-13:00/15:00-20:00
tue 9:00-13:00/15:00-20:00
wed 9:00-13:00/15:00-20:00
thu 9:00-13:00/15:00-20:00
fri 9:00-13:00
Free entrance
Goldin St., 2, Rehovot

Chaim Weizmann Museum

The Weizmann home was designed by leading Bauhaus architect Erich Mendelsohn. 972-8-9344500

Resources for Artists

  • Bakashi Art Supplies
    Herzl 187
    08 946-6999
  • Lev HaTachviv
    HaManof 6
    08 931-5213
  • Hobby Li
    Herzl 192
    08 947-1189
  • Ronbi
    Shekem Passage

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