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Rehovot Israel

Highway 431 connecting to Kvish HaOkef?

On the eastern side of the city, there is a relativley new ring road (Kvish HaOkef - Menachem Begin Boulevard) which runs from route 40 up to the Rehovot Science Park. The road avoids much of the traffic congestion on Herzl and connects the neighborhoods on the eastern side of the city.

At this point the Kvish HaOkef (Egged bus going south into Rehovot from Science Park) does not connect directly to the highway 431 (bridge in center of picture already in place to enable future connection to Rehovot) which runs several hundred meters north-east of the city. We understand construction is slated to begin soon to connect these roads and shorten travel time from eastern Rehovot neighborhoods to Route 6 and all points east and north of Rehovot.

The Kvish HaOkef, is surrounded by empty fields and orchards. On most evenings you can see people strolling on the sidewalk, kids cycling and joggers following the path. Today we saw a few camels, goats and a horse just as we were driving past the particle accelerator at the Weizmann Institute.

Getting to Rehovot by Train

Check out the train schedule and information on the Rehovot train station. Trains run frequently between Rehovot and Tel Aviv. Travel time to Tel Aviv is about 20-30 minutes depending on which station is the Tel Aviv destination. Sit back, relax and enjoy the train ride.

Bus Routes

From Jerusalem there are two buses that travel directly to Rehovot. They are 434 and 435.

From Tel Aviv the two buses that reach Rehovot are 201 and 301.

The schedule is available (in English) on the Egged site.

Many people hop on a sherut and go to the train station or take it all the way to Tel Aviv, Lod or Ashdod. The minibuses travel up and down Herzl and pick uo passengers whenever they are flagged down. The cost is usually a little less than the bus and you are guaranteed a seat.

Tips on Travelling to Rehovot

If you are coming from Tel Aviv, take the shortcut through Nes Ziona. Take Highway 42 and cut through the southern part of Nes Ziona and you will save some time. Getting past Bilu Junction (Tzomet Bilu) can take some time.


Rehovot has 3 local taxi companies that service the city and surrounding areas.

Moniot Gordon 08 949-3333

Moniot Remez 08 945-5555

Moniot Hanegev 08 946-6666

Quick Links

The Rehovot Internet discussion list is a great way to learn more about daily life in Rehovot. Subscribe through Yahoo Groups and e-mail other Rehovot residents.


Cities that are close to Rehovot are: Gedera, Yavne, Nes Ziona, Ramle and Lod. Ramle has a very large flea market every Wednesday where you can find clothes, toys and even an old kitchen sink.