Religious Life in Rehovot


Rabbi Simcha HaKohen Kook of RehovotRehovot is a city with a sizeable dati community. Rabbi Simcha HaKohen Kook is the Chief Rabbi of Rehovot. Rav Kook is the grand-nephew of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook.

With over 130 synagogues there are enough types and locations to satisfy all streams of Jews.

Schools include: Noam, Mamlachti Dati, Bais Yaakov, Cheder, and other schools.


There are lots and lots of shuls in Rehovot and amongst them there are two shuls that have large amounts of Anglos.

The Tiphereth Moshe Synagogue and Berman Community Center is simply known as Berman. It is a dati leumi shul, located on the grounds of Yeshivat Hadarom in the northern end of town. The synagogue currently has approximately 180 member families and is located on HaRa'az. Berman is a shul that also serves as a community center for the English-speaking, as well as the Israeli modern orthodox Jews in Rehovot. As such, the shul maintains various committees and holds lectures and social activities for the benefit of the larger Rehovot community. Because the shul is on the campus of the Yeshiva it has large open (enclosed by a fence) spaces for kids to play if they are not in shul with their parents. The shul is unique in that it has a regular American style kiddush after davening every Shabbat. and people tend to stay and catch up with each other.

Shul announcements and other community messages are posted regularly via a "Google group" Urgent messages also go out to members via mobile text messaging (SMS) or voice mail.

A site is being prepared for downloads of popular shiurim at Berman. One lecture on "Women in Leadership Positions" by Prof. Aryeh A. Frimer is available now for download. You can read more about the Berman shul on their website.

There is a Conservative shul called Adat Shalom-Emanuel, located on Rechov Miller 6, just east of Herzog.

Adat Shalom-Emanuel is one of Israel's most active Conservative congregations. Founded in Rehovot in 1970 by immigrants from North America, Adat Shalom-Emanuel is today the spiritual home of over 160 families. These include native Israelis and immigrants from all over the world: Latin America, North America, the UK, Russia, Australia and France. It remains the only Conservative (Masorati) congregation in the community and is in fact the only non-Orthodox synagogue from Nes Ziona to Ashdod.

Chatam is centrally located and is a Yeshivish type shul with a Rabbi and lots of classes. We have friends who daven there and they really enjoy the influence of Rabbi Stein, the rav of the shul.

Chassidut in Rehovot

kretchnif Rebbi at a TishRehovot is home to the Kretchnif Rebbi and many of his chassidim. The Kretchnif center is on Rechov Haganah. Drop by for davening or to take in a Tish.

Rehovot also has a vibrant Chabad community. The head of Chabad in Rehovot is an Anglo, Rabbi Mendel Glukowsky, formerly of Toronto.

Vishnitz has a shul on Rechov Menucha VeNachala.


Rabbanut of Rehovot & Moazta Datit Rehovot
2 Goldberg Street
Rehovot, Israel

Rabbi Simcha HaCohen Kook - Chief Rabbi

Tel: 08-936-2665
Fax: 08-936-2755

Yeshivot and High Schools

Information on Yeshivot and high schools for girls - coming soon

Pelech is a high school for girls situated in Kiryat Ekron (just south of Rehovot). It has an excellent reputation and the students we talk to who attend the school really like it. The people who started the Pelech school for girls a few years back, together with the Amit educational chain will be opening up a new yeshiva high school ("Amichai") in September. It will have the same open approach as the Pelech school, with emphasis on excellence in both religious and academic studies.

Mikvaot for Dishes

Mikvaot for dishes are located in various places around the city.

1) The mikva in Marmorek - in the back, downstairs (outside the building).

2) The Central Mikva on Rehov HaShoftim has a mikva for keylim and there's parking there, but it's been non-usable for over a year

3) The mikva for keylim at the Vishnitz shul on Rehov Sireni is very convenient. The mikva is outside the shul and there's parking on the street nearby.

4) There is a store on Herzl south of Yaakov on the (East side) that has an outdoor mikva.

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Just north of the city, tucked behind the new shiny buildings that make up the Science Park is an important piece of modern Israeli history that has layed tucked beneath the ground for many years. In 1946 the Haganah opened a secret underground bullet factory that produced over 2 million bullets between 1946-1948. call ahead for reservations. 08 940-6552.