Rentals in Rehovot


We have received a number of requests from people planning aliyah this year about renting apartments in Rehovot. Good news/bad news. The bad news is that because Rehovot is such a desirable city to live in, rentals are not as plentiful as other cities and often get snapped up right away. The good news is that they are more reasonable than Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Alison and I stopped by a few real estate agents to see about listings and contact information. We will try and compile a list of agents with e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Listings can also be found in a free local paper where people advertise. They usually come out on Thursdays and are in Hebrew.

There are also listings on various websites. For a complete list check the housing page on the site.

Real Estate Agents

We dropped in to see Shmulik at Tevel Nechasim. We met Shmulik last year when we were looking to buy an apartment that he represented. He is well connected and a real "go-getter" which can work in your favor. He mentioned to us that the rental market is not like the sales market. Units are put up for rent and are "here today and gone tomorrow".

Another consideration is that rental contracts are usually from summer to summer since people don't like to move their kids in the middle of the school year.

Shmulik can be reached at: or 011 972 52 244-4954 (cell) or 011 972 8 946-9918 (office)

RE/MAX is another large agency in Israel and has a Rehovot office.

I spoke with Ari Seban in English. He also gave me some current listings but cautioned that if he would pick up the phone to arrange a viewing, they might be already taken.

Ari Seban 08 949-4103 or cell: 052 4060229

Diyur Plus is a popular real estate company in Rehovot.

I spoke with Yogev Oved (in English), and he told me that he currently has two listings. He mentioned for a better selection. Many agents check the papers and websites and then show you the listing they found. They usually take a month's rent as a fee. If this saves you time it may be worth paying the extra money for the agent to find you the unit.

His cell phone is: 011 972 50 494-9999 (in subject line write for Yogev)

A reader in Rehovot wrote to us:

Hi - I made Aliyah last July from New York and bought an apartment in Sharona from a wonderful real estate agent - her name is Miri and her cell phone number is 052 245-4573 - I also rented an apartment from her when I first arrived and she arranged for someone to take over the lease when I bought my apartment.

She is a real go-getter and understands English

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